The Patch Project, 2018

May was leaning against the kitchen sink, staring through the broken glass window. Her hands, still wrapped in strips of cloth, held a chipped porcelain mug to her chin as a faint whisper of mint wound its way around her face. As far as she could figure, they had enough tea to last a month, maybe two if they re-steeped the used tea bags. After that, they could mix the herbs into rice, use the filters for fuel. They had to keep everything now…

The Patch Project, Chapter One

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Brittni Brinn was born Brittni Ann Carey in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She studied English and Drama at Concordia University College of Alberta (now Concordia University of Edmonton) before moving to Windsor, Ontario for graduate studies. She received her M.A. of Creative Writing in 2015. She co-hosted  Hardcover: A Literary Podcast for two years and has written three plays for Paper-Knife Theatre. Besides books, her interests include coffee, songwriting, and cyborgs.



2018 — The Patch Project – Post-Apocalyptic novel

2015 — “Ginger Ale” – Illustrated poem, posted by Flat Singles Press –

2015 — shuffle – Novel (Thesis project), published through UWindsor –

2014 — “Debt” – One act play, published in Generation Magazine

2010 — “At the Symphony” – Poem, published in Generation Magazine

Playwrighting Credits:

Runaway – Full length play, produced by Paper-Knife Theatre (June 2017)

“The Trade” – One Act play, produced by Paper-Knife Theatre (July 2016)

“The Styx” – One Act play, produced by Graffiti Mix Arts Collective (July 2013)

“Jaala” – One Act play, produced by Graffiti Mix Arts Collective (July 2013)