Brittni Brinn was born Brittni Ann Carey in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She was fascinated with the arts very early on in life, participating in art and music classes, and reading constantly. Theatre became a way for her to join her love of performing with her love for words. During her high school career, she wrote a radio drama based on the missing pirate scene in Hamlet and adapted Arthurian myth into a comedic one act.

She moved to Edmonton to pursue a degree in English at Concordia University of Edmonton. She had the privilege of being a part of writing workshops led by Lisa Martin-DeMoor and Jasmina Odor, developing her writing craft as well as her interest in literary fiction. During her undergrad, Brittni became heavily involved in the theatre community. Even though her declared major was English, she often felt as if she were double majoring in Drama. She acted, directed, and stage managed for various productions. Brittni also wrote three one act plays which were performed as part of one act festivals throughout her time in Edmonton. After graduating with honours in English, Brittni took a year off from school to work on a post-apocalyptic novel, The Patch Project.

A Master’s degree in Creative Writing and Literature was her next venture. She moved to Windsor in 2013 and studied writing with Karl Jirgens and Susan Holbrook. During this time, Brittni became more interested in multi-genre fiction. Her thesis, shuffle, is a collection of scenes in different mediums (prose, poetry, script, etc.) out of order to mirror how songs are mixed up using the shuffle function on a media device. Questions of how identity is formed and performed, as well as the fluidity of memory, and the human yearning for community are consistent themes throughout Brittni’s work.

In 2015, Brittni co-founded Paper-Knife Theatre. She organized a one acts festival in 2016 which showcased original work from local and national playwrights. Her full-length play, Runaway, was featured in the 2017 Windsor Writers Series. In 2017 she facilitated a playwrighting workshop through Paper-Knife.

Brittni’s novel, The Patch Project, was accepted by EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing in 2017. She is currently working on a sequel and is looking forward to promoting the book through readings and events that will bring writers and readers together in an enriching and encouraging community.