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The Patch Project Series




When a mysterious disaster erases most of the world, five very different people try to survive the post-apocalyptic wasteland using their strange new abilities. A young couple are trapped in their domestic setting. Two punks wander the wasteland, pushed further west by fears of retribution. A video game designer, used to living the high life in the city, is stranded at a highway gas station. Their interwoven stories explore the human need for connection and purpose, while also discussing the effect memory has on personal identity. In Brittni Brinn’s introspective debut, everyone will have to come to terms with who they have become and what they have done to survive.

A glittering debut! In The Patch Project, Brittni Brinn crafts a fully realized post-apocalyptic world devastated by scientific hubris, in which survivors search for sanctuary while being pursued by their own past, present, and future. Brinn’s characterization is compelling. The mystery of self-identity challenges her survivors as they wander through a labyrinthine wilderness, where they learn to negotiate the benefits and dangers of their new and surprising powers.

André Narbonne, author of Twelve Miles to Midnight

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Place That

Used To


“There were three of them, ragged Grafters with dirty clothes and greasy hair. One wore a pair of wire-rimmed glasses. Another was holding Rhonda’s satchel. The third pointed a makeshift spear at Milo’s throat.”


Five years have passed since the mysterious Event wiped out most of human civilization. Trading caravans travel between nascent settlements. Lawless scavengers called Grafters prowl the wasteland in increasing numbers. 


Rhonda and Milo have made the best of the truncated school building they call home, growing vegetables and making short films to keep themselves occupied. But when Milo suspects a growing illness, the two of them will have to decide: will they stay where they are, or will they journey through the dangerous realm of the wasteland?


In this sequel to The Patch Project, nostalgia and hope shape each character’s search for a place to belong in an unforgiving world.

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“Brittni Brinn returns with another chapter in her unique vision of a post-apocalyptic world. The author’s trademarks are all here: a poetically-rendered attention to detail, an aura of mystery and awe that permeates the story from beginning to end, and a cast of fascinating characters trying to make sense of the harsh world around them. Highly recommended.”

Alexander Zelenyj, author of Songs for the Lost and Blacker Against the Deep Dark



A Place That Used to Be revisits many of Brittni Brinn’s characters from her first novel, The Patch Project, and introduces several new characters into the novel’s landscape. Readers get another glimpse into the post-“Event” world Brinn has created, where people who have inherited strange and mysterious powers begin to go through more changes, with both their powers and their personal connections. Brinn explores several dynamic relationships all set to a post-apocalyptic backdrop, offering a book full of hope and the courage of humanity during a time of despair, something that can be applied to our own daily lives.”

Elizabeth J. M. Walker, author of This Night Sucks and The Boy Who Owned the Forest